SonarQube - wildcard support for directory search

SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.9 (build 65466) OnPrem installation

We are wondering if there are plans to support wildcard search within Filters → Directory search, because it would be very helpful to us.

Thanks for your support.

Hey there.

Can you offer some examples how this would be useful to you / what you would expect from wildcard filters (glob patterns, something else)

Hi Colin,
thanks for your reply. Of course i will follow your request for more information.
We have a solution which has many files and folders see screenshot:

it would be very useful to include wildcard search patterns in the whole directory structure.
case sensitive search is not that important but would be nice to have.

some examples:

searching for files starting with "News" => Source/**/News*
searching for folders starting with "News" => Source/**/News*/**

searching for files containing "Component" => Source/**/*Component*
searching for folders start with "Component" => Source/*Component*/**

search for file extensions => **/**/*.css

Actually the described file search pattern is currently standard in Azure DevOps Plattform: File matching patterns reference - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Learn. I would not go that deep, but a basic support for wildcard search would be superb.

Thanks for sharing.
Would you mind elaborating on your use cases for which you’d like to search folders and files using wildcards? For example, are you looking for issues in some specific folders/files?


Hi Chris,

we have many developers from different organizations which work in a common solution. The have the challenge to identify who is responsible for the raised issues. Therefore they introduced dedicated naming conventions and folder structures to mark the “ownership” of the code. With the wildcard search developers would be able to isolate the overview of all issues into the relevant ones.


Hi Markus,

Thanks a lot for the explanation.
For your information, you’ll find a ticket related to the directory search here. This ticket doesn’t go as far as supporting wildcards, but it may also be helpful once it is implemented.


I would like to add a +1 to the request for directory wildcard filters. It’s the first thing I tried to do so I could filter the problems down to specific teams and owners of areas of the code.

At the moment even searching the directories filters doesn’t work well for me.

I have many directories that all include …/ProjectName/Source/…, like …/ProjectName/Source/SomeSubFolder
Right now if i were to search for ProjectName, not all of these directories show up for some reason?