Issues created after update to 7.9.1. are not shown

We have recently updated our SonarQube-Server from 6.7.x to 7.9.1. When searching for issues, all issues created before the update are shown. Issues created after the update are not shown. The issues page shows instead the message ‘0 of 41 shown’.

We have already deleted the Elasticsearch index as proposed in similar bug reports. But that didn’t solve the problem.


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Do you see any errors in your browser console? In your server logs?


Today i can see the issues (‘41 of 41 shown’). On Friday there was no error in my browser console. The JSON response, just didn’t contain the issue data.

We didn’t change any configuration, but over the weekend was a scheduled run of vacumdb:

/usr/bin/vacuumdb --all --full --analyze --quiet


To be sure: the problem went away on its own over the weekend after some (perhaps coincidental?) routine DB maintenance?


Yes, the problem went away over the weekend. The database maintenance was the only thing we could identify as a possible reason.

The only changes on our server since Friday were the database maintenance and an update for the Checkstyle-Plugin.

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