Issue with Sonarqube Web login from different IP on the same VM

Dear All

I have the below setup 2 Virtual machines (Ubuntu 18 ) on virtualbox

1st VM has two NICs ( 1 NAT with IP ) and 2nd Host-Only with IP ( it host my Postgress database.

2nd VM has also two NICs 1 NAT with 10.xxxx IP and 2nd Host-only with IP and it hosts the Sonarqube server on a docker container and connected to postgress database.

when I login to or localhost the sonarqube login normally for admin user

I modified the file in the docker container of Sonarqube with
sonar.web.port=9000 , in order to be able to login from the VM IP (

however my issue is when I type the it opens the Web interface normally and when I enter the credentials of the admin it gives me Authentication Failed

Anyone can help me with this issue ?


Welcome to the community!

Anything interesting in your server logs?