Accessing SonarQube with custom

Very strange… even after i set the conf. file to uncommented with my IP address**** when i click restat server from the GUI it still takes me to the localhost:9000 and runs from there… i was assuming if i set my and sonar.web.port=80 that i would be able to access sonarqube from my browser at the following address 10.*****:80 however is is still running on the localhost:9000 not sure what im doing wrong?

Hi jose,

Doing a restart from the UI isn’t actually a “full” restart. In most cases this doesn’t matter, but for picking up changes to, it does.


thanks Ann! This got me further however now even though i restarted my sonarqube instance as i can see in the logs its operational not sure how to access it… the configs i changed are listed below… not sure if you can tell me what my url should be to access sonarqube

# Binding IP address. For servers with more than one IP address, this property specifies which
# address will be used for listening on the specified ports.
# By default, ports will be used on all IP addresses associated with the server.****

# Web context. When set, it must start with forward slash (for example /sonarqube).
# The default value is root context (empty value).
# TCP port for incoming HTTP connections. Default value is 9000.

not sure what to put in my browser so i can see sonarqube and log in

Nevermind i figured it out…

It would be interesting that you share what the actual problem was, and how you solved it, so that other members of this community can benefit from your findings in case they encounter similar problems!

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Hi Nicolas,
Yes your right… i should definitely share… listed below was the format for the url that worked once i set the host, the IP address and the web context as shown in the previous messages…

URL Format: 10.121.***/sonar

The above url format brought up the sonarqube server User Interface successfully after a restart (using the command line- for restart)