Issue in migrating sonarqube(community edition) database from MySQL to Oracle DB

We are currently using sonarqube 7.5 community edition and we are trying to upgrade to sonarqube 8.9-LTS. Since, MySQL is not supported in the LTS 8.9 community edition, we are migrating our database to Oracle 19C.
We tried to use the inbuilt data migration tool in sql developer, but however as the columns and the stored datatypes are varying so unable to proceed for the same. For instance, the groups_users table in sonarqube 7.5 MySQL database stores users_id as integer but in the groups_users table in Oracle 19C stores users_id values as hashes.
We are facing issues in the above aspects, can you please suggest what is the best approach for migrating the database?


Hi, we recommend using sonar-db-copy, which we specifically maintain for this usage.

Hello @pierreguillot , The hyperlink which you have sent for the sonar-db-copy is invalid and gives a 404 error.
Also according to our knowledge, the sonar-db-copy tool is only available with the enterprise edition and not with the community edition?


Indeed, you are right. My bad.

The community and public version of this tool is mysql-migrator which allow “only” to migrate out from MySQL (while with sonar-db-copy you could migrate from Oracle to SQL Server for example). So mysql-migrator should be good for your use case.

Hello @pierreguillot ,
We checked for the tool you mentioned, but it says in the pre-requisite section that the migration is possible between databases linked to the same version of SonarQube. But in our scenario our SonarQube version is different. We need to migrate the data from SonarQube 7.5 community edition using MySQL database to SonarQube 8.9-LTS community edition.
Please suggest what is the best approach for the same.

Pre-requisite section of the github repository for your reference:


Yep, so you need to:

  • Migrate from SonarQube 7.5 community edition using MySQL to SonarQube 7.5 community edition using Oracle
  • Then upgrade to 7.9
  • Then upgrade to 8.9

Hello @pierreguillot , as mentioned earlier in the post, what about the differences in for the same columns for the same tables where the one database has integer and one has hash values.


As the tool documentation suggests, you’ll need to start & stop SonarQube 7.5 on your target database (empty). That will initialise the schema, creating the table, with the correct types. The migration tool then only copy the data.