Database Migration from Oracle 12c to 19c

Sonarqube version: 8.9.7

We are planning on database migration from 12c to 19c. I’ve come across DB-copy tool. Is this tool applicable only if we are migrating between different vendors?

Apart from changing the db connection info in file, are there any additional action items for db migration? Appreciate it if anyone could point me to the documentation that talks about DB migration between versions within the same vendor

Hey there.

Yes, that’s the case. You should follow standard operating procedure for upgrading your database based on vendor instructions – and if you are using a commercial edition of SonarQube (you have a license), you’ll need to get in touch with SonarSource to have a new license provisioned (it’s tied to the JDBC URL). See the License Manager Documentation.

Thank you so much for your reply

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