Migration from Oracle 18c to Oracle 19c would affect Sonarqube Enterprise Edition Version 7.9.1 behavior

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • Our Sonarqube server has installed Enterprise Edition Version 7.9.1

  • Nowadays we have installed Oracle 18 c in our server. Because a license issue we must to migrate to Oracle 19c.

  • We are not sure if when migrate our database server to one to another version it will affect the normal Sonarqube behavior. We just read that It could bring problmes. Please your help with this question.

Hello @oramirez
if your company benefits from a support subscription, your question will be answered on our Service Desk there, in a timely manner.
About your question, generally speaking moving from one database to another (supported) one should not cause any data loss. But it will most probably trigger a serverID change, and you would therefore need a new license for your instance; your account representative will help you here (during office hours).
There will be very limited possibility to predict your new Server Id before you actually move to your new Oracle DB instance.

Two important advises for this move:

  • Make sure to test this move on a non production environment first, using a production data snapshot preferably
  • Make sure to have your production data safely backed-up at all time