SonarQube data migration

  • SonarQube 6.7.6
  • data migration from MySQL to Oracle and upgrade to the latest version


I am going to upgrade SonarQube from 6.7.6 to the latest version and I learned that MySQL is not supported anymore. I also looked at the project on GitHub that helps to migrate the data (in my case it will be a migration from MySQL to Oracle). However, as far as I understand, both MySQL and Oracle databases much be located on the same VM. Is it true or I am missing something? In my case we have MySQL and Oracle databases on different VMs.

Thank you,

Hi, there is no location requirement. Both DB need to be reachable from where you run the migration tool. Having them on the same network or VM will only make the migration faster, but it’s not a requirement for the migration to work.

Thank you, Pierre. I misread the documentation. This ticket can be closed.

i created a new sonarqube version -9.6 , database -postgresql , and i have a old sonarqube version 7.5, database -mysql , i want to migrate all data from old sonarqube to the new sonarqube , could you guide me accourdingly. i am usimg ubuntu… could you pls guide