Issue assignment fails after switch to SAML

Must-share information:

  • SonarQube Community Edition, Version 10.3, TFVC plugin 2.4.0
  • SonarQube runs in docker
  • Before migrating to SAML authentication the issue assignment to authors was running fine using git and also using TFVC.
  • After migration to SAML authentification new issues are not assigned anymore to the “responsible” author.

According to the documentation Automatic issue assignment the assignment is performed based on user name and email address, as well as “additional correlations available in the user’s profile”.

Now, I’m facing the following situation:

  • The users email address in our AD server mostly configured in CamelCase format like
  • The SCM plugins for git and TFVC creates the user’s email address as identity. Both are creating the lower cased version like
  • The SAML plugin creates out of our AD controller the user name User Name and the email address

So, mapping the SCM user identity can fail because of different case!?

I tried to add the lower cased version under SCM Accounts. But this does not solve the problem.
I cannot find other “additional correlations” in the user’s profile.

Is it possible to update the issue assignment to case-insensitive mapping?
What else I can do to fix the assignment?

Hi @lg2de ,
Indeed, seems like there is an issue with issue assignment where we don’t properly treat user email.

I created a bug in the backlog to fix it: [SONAR-21233] - Jira

Thanks for the report and follow the ticket to know in which version it will get fixed.

… and follow the ticket to know in which version it will get fixed.

So far I do not have access to!?


The organization is public, so you’ll probably need to talk to your network folks about that.


I registerted at and got the following message (in german, unfortunately):

Translated: “…@…de has no access to Jija in


I’m not sure what to tell you. Before responding, I checked the URL in an incognito window.


I can see the issue with login. But to subscribe/follow (as recommended by @Lukasz_Jarocki) I need to login. This is not possible.

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Ah. Yes.

That’s part of the forced move to Atlassian Cloud, where they charge by seats.


Ok, so I hope to get notified here when bug is fixed.

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