Auto Assignment of isssue doesnt work

I want the issues to be auto-assigned to the commiter. In my project, sonar runs via Jenkins and I can see it uses commit history(image attached)

But I notice that the issues are not getting assigned

Need help to understand , why does this happen.
We are using sonar version - 8.9.2
Scanner version 3.1.0
We use Bitbucket (git ) as SCM.



SonarQube assigns issues to users. If the SCM ID isn’t tied to a user in the SonarQube user set, it won’t be able to make the assignment.


Thanks Ann, that might be the issue. Will have to onboard SonarQube on AWS SSO using SAML for it to have the same IDs to all the users. Came across Cloud applications - AWS Single Sign-On and looks like I can onbpard Sonar on AWS SSO now. Thaks for your response

Note that you can also associate SCM ids with existing accounts in SonarQube, but it’s a manual process - either for the admin or for each individual user.