Problem with automatic assignment of Issues

SonarQube v7.9.1

I am using Jenkins to pull code from GitHub, do the compile and run the SonarQube scan.

Facing problem with the automatic assignment of issues. Issues are getting assigned to the person whose credentials are used to pull code from GitHub through Jenkins. Is this the expected behavior ? If yes, this is wrong. Code author may not be the same as Code Integrator (person who runs the build jobs).
When I go to the Code page, SonarQube always displays the right author name (irrespective of who ran the build job through Jenkins), it is only during the automatic issue assignment when things go wrong.
Is there a way to fix this and let SonarQube assign the issues to the right author ?


Do the issues’ real authors have accounts in SonarQube? Is the user whose account is used for the build job (this should really be a technical user, not a real person’s account) the default assignee (Administration > General Settings > Default Assignee)?


Yes, accounts exists in both GitHub and SonarQube with same email id.

Currently this is a real person’s account (not the technical user) but that person is not set as the default assignee in SonarQube.