Is the new user interface for SonarCloud coming to SonarQube?

Hi all!

The new UI for SonarCloud is amazing! We love it! Thank you team for your good work!

Is this feature going to be available for SonarQube as well?

Thanks and best regards.


Thank you so much for the kind words about the new SonarCloud UI. We are very proud of it and are committed to the continual improvement of the user experience on our products. The two products do share features from time to time. It would be very helpful for us to know which features you find especially useful in SonarCloud’s new UI and that you would like to see in SonarQube.

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Hi Lauren!

The new overview page is very useful with all the findings and metrics evolution (did you try to place ratings there? or maybe too much information?) and the new layout for the main branch is very clear and simple and seems to cover more space than the old layout.

To improve navigation I think that the “old” horizontal menu for issues, security hotspots, … should be moved to the left side bar as a submenu of the main branch section. It is just my opinion, but if I’m using the left side bar to navigate the different sections, I expect to keep there for the subsections, and I don’t feel I need to go to the old top menu to open subsections.

Just my two cents :slight_smile: