Document new features on SonarCloud


It would be nice to be able to see what version of SonarQube SonarCloud is running on and also when a new version is released / what the new features are.

For example the only reason we discovered CSS analysis is now a thing is because our LOCs have shot through the roof and our paid plan went over its limit! The security reports tab is again a nice touch but something I had to find out by myself.

Would you consider adding a new features page that documents when a new release has happened and what new features it brings. Apologies if there is already one and I have missed it, but looking around the site I don’t think there is. Keep up the good work!


Hi Pete,

We currently write product news for SonarCloud, that you can access through the ? icon at the top right corner of the page:

If you click on the “Product News” link to get access to the full list of news.

However, I admit that:

  • Maybe this is not visible enough inside SonarCloud?
    • Feel free to share your feeling on this!
  • We are a bit slow at delivering entries for each new feature - and thus we might want to think of another way to share this information
    • Feel free to suggest what you think would be the most appropriate way according to you

Thanks for your feedback Pete!

Hi Fabrice,

I think that having it in the help menu is fine, but feel you need some way of highlighting the question mark to show the latest news has changed, there is never any need for me to click that button otherwise. Perhaps it could have it’s own dropdown next to the question mark?

I also understand you guys are busy developing away / project managing, but if you could try and keep the blog up to date with articles/released features that would be super helpful. I still don’t know if there are any other new features that have been released this week alongside CSS parsing and the security screen. I don’t want to miss out on any new cool features just because I am not aware of them!


We are currently getting organized on that topic, and I’m hopeful that we’ll soon be able to come up with a good way to let our users be informed in due time about all the great new features we deliver every week.

Yes, definitively.

Blog posts are perfect for me. I use an RSS reader and would therefore not miss a post, without having to change my everyday habits.

Maybe it is (or should be) not so much about finding another way to share it, but more about decreasing the amount of work that goes into such a post. How about having short posts that just announce new features in a concise way? For example, something like “check out the new Security Reports section on SonarCloud while we are still working on the corresponding product documentation” would have sufficed.

This is indeed a solution, and what we have to discuss internally to make sure that we can bring to you the most relevant content in the most relavant timeframe! :slight_smile:

Good to see the new alert bell with latest updates coming into SonarCloud :slight_smile: Nice work!


Right on time for X-mas!! :christmas_tree: :gift: :grin: