Is Sonarcloud support Postgres?

Hello all,

I receive below warning from Sonarcloud but I am using Postgres and Postgres has no varchar2

Is Sonarcloud support Postgres? Currently I just flag it as false positive. But can you confirm if Sonarcloud does not support Postgres? is there any other recommendation other than flag it as false positive?



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You should just remove this rule from your Quality Profile since it doesn’t apply to your development.

If you’re using a Built-In profile, you’ll find that it’s not editable. In that case. You’ll probably want to make a copy and remove the rule from it. Don’t forget to set the new profile as your default or explicitly assign it to your project!


Hi there,

We cannot remove the rule because we use it across all projects in the organization that use PL/SQL.
Appreciate your confirmation if Sonarcloud support Postgres?



Note that it’s possible to have multiple quality profiles. So for the project(s) where this rule doesn’t apply, you could have a 2ndary profile that excludes the rule. You would then associate the relevant projects directly to that profile and it would be used (without the problem rule) during analysis.

I don’t understand the question, but it sound like a new topic. Can you create a new thread for it, please?