Is PostgreSQL not available?

Hi guys!

I am using sonar cloud on azure DevOps pipelines, and it has been working great! But since we are using postgre databases, we are having some false positives while scanning SQL stored procedures, because the scanner thinks the code is PLSQL, but it is in fact postgreSQL. Do you confirm that postgreSQL is not supported? What is the right approach?

In particular, sonar cloud is complaining about the use of FORALL, but it seems FORALL is not even supported by postgreSQL



This code analyzer in SonarCloud is indeed a PL/SQL code analyzer.


  • it’s not built specifically for Postgres dialect (or any specific vendor dialect): it’s not mentioned in our product doc to my knowledge
  • it’s a PL/SQL code analyzer and not a SQL one : as you know PL/SQL and SQL have a lot of things in common, so many issues raised by the analyzer can be relevant.

You can mark this code smell as a false positive or a won’t fix

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We have created a separate profile for SQL without the oracle specific rules.

Hi Mickaël,

Yes indeed, you can also tailor the set of rules.

BTW, this thread might interested you.

Thanks for your input.


Thanks for the information guys!