Is sonar-prometheus-exporter-1.0.0 plugin compatible with sonarqube 8.9.8 or greater

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  • what are you trying to achieve
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

For integrating Grafana with Sonarqube, we require to use “sonar-prometheus-exporter-1.0.0” plugin. Please let us know, whether, we could use the plugin for our Sonarqube version 8.9.8
If not, please suggest any method to integrate Grafana with Sonarqube

Plugin link : Release 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT · dmeiners88/sonarqube-prometheus-exporter · GitHub

Hi @Vishnu61 ,

not checked the plugin in question but as it did not receive an update for the last 4 years i would not get my hopes up for this one. Did you try it?

apart from that: If you are using the official sonarqube helm chart, there is a jmx exporter added to the sts that exposes the jmx metrics from sonarqube. there is documentation about it here