Is it possible to run Sonar locally with Sonar Cloud?

We’ve integrated SonarCloud into our build and release pipelines via Azure.

We’d like however to be able to run sonar locally on branches in order to respond to reports without the need to kick off a remote build (chiefly code coverage reports, as this is what tends to slow down feature delivery). Ideally these scans would appear in our SonarCloud account.

It seems like this might not be possible with a could account (Sonar Lint and Sonar Scanner appear to require a sonar server URL, which I don’t believe we have).

Is there a way to do this with a SonarCloud account?

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CI via Azure DevOps
C#, Xamarin in Visual Studio 2019

Hi @finbarw,

This is possible, have a look at the Run Analysis section of the documentation here.

For SonarCloud the sonar server URL you are referencing is

Hope this helps,