Can i add sonarcloud scanner to a project in Azure Devops which does not build

Hi, i have a paid plan of Sonar cloud analysis. Can i use the scanner on apps that have source code in Azure DEVOPS, but does not build
Any link on how to do it will be helpful.

I’m currently using the scanner on Azure CICD setup apps.

  • ALM: Azure DevOps;
  • CI: Azure Devops;
  • Framework: .NET 4.7

Hi @praveenpallekaate and welcome to the community !

Scanner for MSBuild really need a full build (not sure if it’ll work with a partial failed one) to show its potential and be able to provide relevant data to the upcoming analysis.

In your use case, why not using SonarLint instead ? It will pinpoint pretty much all issues that you have currently in your code, right into your IDE.



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