Sonarqube integration with Azure Devops

We are having multiple projects like Web, WebApi, SQl and we are using Azure GIT repos, now i am able to use 3 kinds of builds(Web, WebApi, SQl ) to replicate the results. Is there a way I can only 1 build with all these modules?

Hello @Ajay,

Could you please provide more information on what you are trying to achieve and what you have tried so far.
Which SonarQube and sonar-dotnet versions you are using ?
Which version of scanner for MSBuild are you using ?
What are you expecting to see in your SonarQube analysis results ?
Which language(s) are you trying to analyze (C# only, mixes of C# and others, … ) ?

If you could also attach the verbose logs of the analysis, that would also help us understand what is going wrong compared to what you are trying to do.