IP's for update.sonarsource.org


We have SonarQube 10.3 running on AKS, with network policies in place. Previously the IP address for update.sonarsource.org ( seemed fixed, but now it seems to be behind a redirection service?

When the pod is trying to connect and download the updates from update.sonarsource.org it can’t connect and fails due to the network policies.

Is there a list of IP’s we could whitelist for this, or are we better of turning off the feature entirely?



Hey @deruwea

Yes – the site moved. But I’m not sure if we still expect a static IP now. Some teams internally are talking (Devs, Infra), and we’ll report back.

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Hi @deruwea,

Thanks again for posting in our community :slight_smile:

The update-center.properties file is now downloaded from downloads.sonarsource.com without redirects. May I ask you to upgrade your SonarQube installation to 10.5.0?

If you do so, you will be able to see from the logs the following line:

sonarqube 2024.04.25 09:16:49 INFO  web[][o.s.s.p.UpdateCenterClient] Update center: https://downloads.sonarsource.com/sonarqube/update/update-center.properties

After you upgrade, may I ask you to send me the error log again, if any?

Not sure if you are using custom manifests to deploy SonarQube on AKS. Anyways, you might find our helm chart quite handy also for defining custom network policies.

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