IntelliJ freezes with SonarLint enabled

JDK 1.8 (8u201)
IntelliJ Ultimate 2018.3
SonarLint version: v4.0.2.3009
Windows 10

With plugin enabled, IntelliJ IDEA UI becomes laggy, with freeze threadDumps in the logs folder. I have contacted JetBrains support, and they indicated that they have received multiple reports of freezing with SonarLint plugin and suggested I report the issue here.

According to JetBrains support, freezes appear related to file I/O. Antivirus software or putting system under load may exacerbate the issue, making it easier to reproduce.


Could you share which analyzers are you using with SonarLint? Can you share those thread dumps?

How can I share a .zip file (it only allows me to upload image and text files)? In this case it is a Java project so I assume we are using the SonarJava analyzer? If this is not what you are asking, please tell me where I can see which analyzers we are using. I do see additional languages listed under Rules on our sonarqube server.

In the SonarLint Tool Window, under the ‘Log’ tab, you should see a list of analyzers being loaded. Here is an example:


  • SonarPython (python)
  • SonarJava (java)
  • SonarKotlin (kotlin)
  • SonarPHP (php)
  • SonarJS (javascript)
  • SonarRuby (ruby)

There is nothing like that in my log tab. I only have the following: “Using configuration of ‘’ in server ‘SonarQube’”. On the sonarqube server, under Rules, I see the following languages listed: Java, Groovy, TypeScript, Web, Cucumber Gherkin, CSS, JSON.

Try to check at startup, or after updating the binding with the SonarQube server.

The reason why this list could help track the problem is that for some of the old plugins, SonarLint needs to save the source code files before analyzing them.

As I said before, thread dumps would also be very useful to know what is exactly is freezing.

I contacted our SonarQube admin, they provided the following:

  • Cucumber Gherkin (1.7)
  • Git (
  • Groovy (1.5)
  • JSON (2.3)
  • SonarCSS (1.0.3 - build 724)
  • SonarJava (5.9.2 - build 16552)
  • SonarTS (1.9 - build 3766)
  • SonarWeb (2.6 - build 1053)

I do have logs but it is a .ZIP file and I am unable to attach it (it only allows image and .TXT).

So it looks like SonarWeb needs to be upgraded to at least v3.0 to avoid having to save files to analyze source code.
I’ll send you a private message with my email so that you can send the zip file.

Thank you. I have sent the log files to you. Would using the outdated SonarWeb analyzer also affect Java projects where only .java files are being analyzed?