SL freezes my JetBrains IDE

Recently I started to experience freezes while SonerLint trying to check against loaded rules or sync rules with a remote server. (I use self-hosted company sonarqube instance). Those freezes was so bad I had to disable the plugin entirely (they lock the whole IDE process). Is there any way diagnose / fix / to work around this?

Hi @chernomord and welcome!

We are currently working on a similar issue:

To be sure this is really the same issue, the best would be to provide a thread dump. IntelliJ may already have produced one automatically, or there are command to generate one:

Hi @Julien_HENRY ,
I was able to find dumps, there was “SonarLint” in the name of the folder for these thread dump files, so I suppose they are related. (96.3 KB)

Hi @chernomord

Thank you very much for the dumps, this is really useful. I have created two tickets you can follow: