Integration with SonarCloud

  • Hello, I need to help with an integration with SonarCloud. In the company I work for, we use identity management software and he is responsible for all access management. I want to integrate sonarCloun with this software, but in the API documentation I was unable to obtain enough information to be successful. I need to manage my company’s sonarCloud users using Netadmin software. My company does not have fermaneta support, will this help cost anything?

Hi @netadmin,

Access to SonarCloud is achieved through use of your GitHub, Microsoft Azure DevOps, GitLab or BitBucket identities. So your question essentially relates to integrating with these providers.


No, my question is not how to integrate with git servers, but how to manage users within sonar. so I would like to know if it is possible to carry out this task.

Hi @netadmin,

User authentication is based on the Git cloud providers (ALMs) identities. Permissions of the users are then managed within SonarCloud through the UI or through APIs. We offer no specific integration with identity management software.

You can see more on this documentation page.