HELP: Integrating SonarCloud with Jenkins


(Jenna Esquivel) #1

We recently did a software eval for SonarQube vs SonarCloud. However, the sales gal gave us links to SonarQube (SonarSource) Jenkins plugins when we asked if SonarCloud integrates with Jenkins. (same for SSO, and RBAC.)

We just bought a year subscription based on our communications and time crunch. I was told we would have a tech contact us to get BitBucket (SSO) info… it’s been 6 days. So, I’m reaching out to the community… and hoping someone can tell me if SonarCloud integrates with Jenkins; and if so, how?

Thanks in advance!


(Olivier Gaudin) #2


The link that you receive is actually correct, SonarQube & SonarCloud integrate the same way with Jenkins.

Are you on Bitbucket Cloud or Bitbucket server? Did you manage to create an account on SonarCloud?