Install sonarqube (version 7.0) and integrate it with jenkins(on google cloud)

(shariq) #1

Hi, i’m trying to integrate sonarqube with jenkins. after installing sonarqube plugin on jenkins, i dont know how to get token in order to configure it.
Do i first need to install sonarqube version 7.0 on my linux machine? please help
PS: My jenkins is installed on google cloud.
I’m new to jenkins and sonarqube so if someone can send me easy steps to get it working i would appreciate it.

How to integrate SonarCloud with Jenkins (installed on google cloud)
(G Ann Campbell) #2


There are multiple steps for you here

  1. Install Jenkins :white_check_mark:
  2. Install SonarQube
  3. Install the SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins :white_check_mark:
  4. Configure the SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins
  5. Configure your Jenkins jobs to run analysis

Feel free to come back here with further questions about these steps, altho it would probably be best to open a new thread per question.


(Colin Mueller) #3


You can also use SonarCloud for free if it’s a public project, or for a fee if you want the results to be private (and using a SaaS solution is an option for your circumstances).


(Nicolas Bontoux) #4


I suggest focusing on one thread for now, to avoid parallel discussions.