Integration of Sonarlint with SonarQube - Visual Studio Community 2019


I use Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, obviously on Windows 10

Installed in my visual Studio, I have SonarAnalyzer.CSharp in version v8.7.0.17535.
I have also installed Sonarlint 4.21
And I also have a Sonarqube Community Edition Version 8.3.1 server

I perform the analysis of Solutions with a C # project, I get the result of the ugly analysis by SonarLint, but the Sonarqube Dashboard does not identify … it does not update.
Despite having the SonarQube connection configured in my visual studio

Hi @Marcio_Oliveira - welcome to the community!

The goal of connected mode is to make the IDE use the same analysis settings as the server so the same issues appear, not to push analysis results to the server. See the wiki for more information:

BTW if you have installed SonarLint then you don’t need to add the analyzer NuGet package too.

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