VS2017 SonarLint not updating analyze in SonarQube


(Pugal) #1


I am new to SonarLint, I have downloaded the sonarlint for visual studio 2017 , configure the SonarQube Connections and rules for C# windows application project. But when we are run analyze its showing Code Analysis Complete in Output window.

But its not reflecting in the SonarQube Projects, its always showing Project is not analyzed yet.

Can any one help on this.

(Valeri Hristov) #2

SonarLint does not create issues on SonarQube. When you connect a solution to SonarQube you can work locally with the same configuration that’s on SonarQube.

To create issues on SonarQube you need to run SonarScanner for MSBuild, usually by creating a step in your CI build:

(Pugal) #3

Hi Val,

Thanks for your clarification, now i understood. Post following the steps i am getting this error message

(Pugal) #4

Hi Val,

While running this command SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe end

i am getting this error message also:

(Julien Henry) #5


Can you confirm the query http://:9000/api/rules/search?xxxx of your first screenshot is slow to respond when you try to open it in a web browser?
If yes, then the issue is on server side. We might need your SonarQube server version + DB provider + DB version.
Also you have to ensure your server specs (both SQ server and DB) are large enough (look at CPU/memory usage when calling the WS).