VS SonarLint not showing SonarQube issues


I’m not sure if that is just a wrong configuration or a bug or a missing feature but I have analyzed my project with SonarQube 8.4.1 and got results in my database.
If I open the project in VS 2019 with SonarLint 4.24 (the project is connected to the SonarQube server) I only see the results that were detected by SonarLint itself but not from the SonarQube server.
Afaik SonarLint is syncing the active rules if a project is connected with the server but what about the issues found by SonarQube?

Hello Christoph,

What you observe is normal behaviour. SonarLint does not synchronize issues with the server.

You can find more details here: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonarlint-visualstudio/wiki/Connected-Mode


Hi Damien,

thanks for the quick response. Ok if that is the normal behavior I vote for such feature :slight_smile:
For me it would be enough to just see the open/confirmed issues in SonarLint. At the moment it’s a bit cumbersome.


Hello Christoph,

Feel free to add a request in the Suggest new features section.


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