Sonarlint does not show issues from code analysis

  • Windows 10 x64
  • SonarLint 4.4.2
  • Python
  • Connected SonarQube 10.3 (build 82913)

Github action was configured to run checks on PRs/push to main branch. Static analysis was successfully run and there some issues in sections Reliability, Maintainability and Security.
I have installed sonarlint plugin. Configured “Connected mode” SonarQube and bound existing directory with SonarQube project.
What steps exactly I need to do to see issues found by latest analysis?


Hey there.

SonarLint isn’t pulling issues from SonarQube, but performing live analysis of the project when a file is opened. Are you getting results while editing files in your projects?

Yes, I am getting check results from sonarlint during the file editing.
But what the point of connecting to sonarqube and binding the project ? Does sonarlint read project configuration like rules etc?

Yes! Connected Mode makes sure that issues that are suppressed (marked false-positive/won’t fix) in SonarQube don’t appear in SonarLint, and that the Quality Profile is up-to-date with what is being used on your SonarQube server.

Read more about connected mode here.