How to trouble shoot connected mode in Visual Studio

I’ve set everything but I don’t see any evidence it is working for me. If I look in the task output for SonarLint it does show that a request was queued. But I am not seeing any of the issues reported on the server show up for me

@ScottChapman a few questions:

  • which languages are you analysing in VS?
  • are you seen any issues reported in the Error List?

Here’s a quick summary of the expected behaviour by language:

C++: files are analysed on save only

JavaScript: you need to opt in for Sonar analysis ( Tools , Options , SonarLint , then click Activate ). Then .js files will be analysed on save.

C#/VB: Our analysers are written as Roslyn analyzers so VS takes care of running them in the background when you stop typing (no need to save the file).