Integrate SonarQube with Bitbucket


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Hi Ann,

I am new to SonarQube, how can i integrate sonarqube with bitbucket

something like on each commit the code analysis has to be done without any CI & CD Tools and with out any manual intervention after initial configuration.

Sai Kiran

SCM provider autodetection failed warnings
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I’ve moved your post to a new thread. The one you appended to originally was rather old and not relevant to your question. As a rule, each new topic deserves a new thread.

To answer your question, we haven’t yet tackled integration with Bitbucket Server. We currently hope to get that into 7.7, but no promises.


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Hi Ann,

Thanks for your Reply.

I am not sure whether i have conveyed my Question correctly or not.

Here my need is without any sonar-scanner in the middle can i do Code-Analysis.

code-push-by-developer ----->>>> SCM-INTEGRATION-CI-CD-TOOL ------>>>> ANY-PLUGIN-OF-SONAR ( sonar-scanner or QuatityGate ) ----->>>> THEN-THE-OUTPUT-RESULT-TO-SONAR-SERVER.

in the Above functionality I don’t need any Scanner or QualityGate which are integrated to CI/CD Tools.


DEVELOPER-PUSH-CODE-TO-SCM ---->>>>> Then Source-Repo-Code Should be integrated to SonarQube-Server and Analysis Report to be Shoun in the SonarQube-Server.

If my Required Scenario is Possible Then just Guide me how to do Such process if not just Provide me any reference how to do Code-Analysis for NODE Applications.

Sai Kiran

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What you describe is not possible with SonarQube and AFAIK we don’t plan to support it.

However, we just launched a beta version of this feature on SonarCloud. You can find more info about the feature and its usage on this thread: [Beta] Automatic Analysis of your repositories with SonarCloud


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Thanks for your Response.

Can i Know how SCM plugin Works in SonarQube and please give me any reference on Webhooks for SonarQube.

Sai Kiran

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can you guide how to configure SCM part in sonarQube.

the above figure configurations are my Assumptions. if the configurations are wrongly Configured by me then guide me or give me any references for configuring SCM part in SonarQube while Creating a project in SonarQube Server.

Sai Kiran