Integration of sonarqube server with bitbucket cloud

Hello team,

I have setup sonarqube 8.5 on a ubuntu vm on azure and can access it via the browser and it looks good.

I am trying to understand what needs to be done on the bitbucket cloud side to enable analysis and metrics for my repos and branches. Also looking to configure pull request analysis.

I have tried looking for documentation but unable to find any for my specific requirement.

PS: I found some unofficial plugins for bitbucket cloud but they seem to be for sonarcloud not sonarqube server.

Thank you.


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SonarQube isn’t currently compatible with BitBucket Cloud. That is on our roadmap but I can’t give you an ETA.


Hi @cloudhubzawsaz ,
just to let you know that the latest flavor of SonarQube, the 8.7, is now compatible with Bitbucket Pipelines. You will be able to import your project, decorate Pull Requests and fail them is the quality gate is failed.
It is supposed to be released within the next few days :slight_smile:

Hope to help.

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Hi Christophe

It isn’t clear how your post relates to this topic; are you saying that SonarQube server 8.7 is now compatible with BitBucket Cloud?


Hey @ddelsignore
sorry if I wasn’t clear :-S

are you saying that SonarQube server 8.7 is now compatible with BitBucket Cloud?

Yes, that’s what I meant :slight_smile:
You can now create a configuration for Bitbucket Cloud and import your repo from it.
You can also use Bitbucket Pipelines to analyse your code and decorate PR :wink:

Kind regards,

I was unable to get the actual pull request decoration working though, created new topic about the issue: Failed to create Bitbucket Cloud Quality Report - link is not a valid URL

Thanks Christophe, that’s great news!