SonarQube pull request Comments doesn´t appear

Hi there,

I´m trying to get the results of SQ in Bitbucket Server when someone does a pull request to see the results of the branch.
I can see the results in Sonar but in BB when I create a pull request nothing happend…

I´m using SQ 7.5 in Developer version, and BB Server.


I use the following guide:

Do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance,

Jose Ramon Mañes


Bitbucket Server support (as opposed to Bitbucket Cloud, which is already supported supported on SonarCloud) is targeted for next year. Keep an eye out on MMF-1487.


Edit: correction per @benoit. Thanks!

To complete @Colin_SonarSource’s answer Bitbucket Cloud is currently supported only on SonarCloud and not on SonarQube.


Hi guys,
Thanks for your answer @Colin_SonarSource and @benoit :slight_smile:

So, the guide: with the Pull Request Analysis which says that is available in Developer edition means that is available but in the SQ Cloud and BB Cloud, right?

So currently, there is no way to see the PR Decoration in BB Cloud or Server from SQ Server, is it?


Jose Ramon Mañes

First of all, you said you are using SQ 7.5 but you refer to the 7.4 documentation. You should use the doc for the version 7.5 instead!

And to sum up:

  • Bitbucket Cloud is supported only on but not on SonarQube.
  • Bitbucket Server is not supported at all but it’s targeted for next year (it should be available before the 7.x LTS which should be around mid of next year, but no promise here, we don’t have an ETA yet).

The mention of BBC has been removed from the SQ 7.5 pull request documentation. We should also remove it from older version of the doc.

Yes, I click on the wrong part before copy the link.

So, from now I have to wait until the feature will be release next year.

Thanks for your time.

Jose Ramon Mañes

Hi there,

An one question, is there any way to do that with SonarQube Server and Bitbucket cloud?, or this feature will be next year too?

Thanks in advance,

Jose Ramon Mañes

Hi Jose,

To make sure you’re clear - here’s a summary of current and planned (future) functionality:

  • Bitbucket Cloud is currently supported with but not on SonarQube. There are no current plans to support BB Cloud with SonarQube.
  • Bitbucket Server support with SonarQube is planned for 2019 as mentioned earlier in this thread.


Hi @Clint.Cameron,

Thanks for your answer.
So from now, we have to wait until Sonar will release this feature :slight_smile:


Jose Ramon Mañes