Not getting Sonarcloud Analysis report on bitbucket cloud pull request

We are in the process of integrating the bitbucket and sonarcloud for code analysis report
The current status is Sonarcloud and Bitbucket is integrated. Also we are able to see the Sonar scan report and when we click it takes to website.

Everything works fine except the generating the sonarcloud analysis on bitbucket which is on the pull request page bottom right corner.


In one of the example it is done using the bitbucket pipeline however even after following that it is not working.

Troubleshooting Done:
Based on the document from sonarcloud it is possible. However when we do then the options is missing.
URL:Bitbucket Cloud Integration | SonarCloud Docs

In one of the sample project sonarcloud analysis was visible in the bitbucket pull request page. However if the same steps are done it is not working from our end.
sample project-Bitbucket

This report is getting generated using bitbucket-pipelines.yml

Is there a way where we can get this thing done.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there.

Stepping away from the decoration of your Bitbucket PR, have you checked that the Bitbucket Pipeline containing the SonarCloud analysis is triggered on the pull request, and you can see the logs/results of the pull request analysis? You’ll need to make sure something like this is in your YAML file indicating it should run in a pull request context.

pipelines:                 # More info here:
      - step: *build-test-sonarcloud
      - step: *check-quality-gate-sonarcloud
      - step: *build-test-sonarcloud
      - step: *check-quality-gate-sonarcloud