I want to share DB data between SonarQube

Please tell me about sharing DB between SonarQube.
(SonarQube version: Developer Edition version 8.9.2 (build 46101))

SonarQube1 and SonarQube2 are connected to the same DB.
However, user and project data created in SonarQube1 cannot be displayed in SonarQube2.
Also, the data created by SonarQube2 cannot be displayed on SonarQube1.

What kind of settings are required to share DB information?

Thank you in advance.


It is not possible to connect two SonarQube instances to the same database (except in a clustered configuration available with the Data Center Edition – it causes the exact issues that you describe, and renders your instance unreliable.

Please only connect one SonarQube instance to a database.

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