Multiple Sonar instances one database

(Cemile) #1

Is it possible to have multiple Sonar instances populating the same database,
and how must be its configuration.

(Colin Mueller) #2

Short answer: No.
Long answer: While the same database server can be used, you need multiple SonarQube databases.
Question: What’s the use-case for having multiple SonarQube instances, especially if they are populating the same database? Most users aim to consolidate instances.

(Cemile) #3

Sorry for late answer and thank you for your reply.
Any notification did not reach me.
We have multiple projects. I want to analyse multiple projects at same time with multiple Sonar instances.
I have no idea that how results of these projects can populate same database.

Thank you in advance.

(Colin Mueller) #4

You’ll need multiple databases – but is the overhead of multiple sonarqube instances worth parallel processing of projects? By the way, parallel processing is available in our Enterprise Edition ($)