The way to use properly several sonarqube web instance

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Good day,

I have a sonarqube server on my test server.
and I installed two sonarqube servers(port : 9791, 8791 / seperate DB instance) on the test server.
(2 web instances on one sonarqube server)

I’m going to call the first one to Project A. (sonarqube7.9.1, port 9791, postgresql1)
and I’m going to call the second one to Project B. (sonarqube7.9.1_PPMKOR, port 8791, postgresql2)

The first server has 5 projects which is completed to inspect.
The second server has 84 projects which is completed to inspect.

The problem is that when I run the second sonarqube server, the total counts include the first one’s count like below pictures. but those 5 projects are not appear on the web result.

Here is my sonarqube server status.

**Sonarqube Server (Project A)


|Home Dir|D:\Sonarqube\**sonarqube-7.9.1**|



**Sonarqube Server (Project B)


|Home Dir|D:\Sonarqube\**sonarqube-7.9.1_PPMKOR**|



What was wrong?

Two SQ instances have no way of talking to eachother. I’m guessing you copy/pasted the installation directory so a stale data/es6 folder is hanging around. Delete it and restart the affected SonarQube server.

:warning: Why two SonarQube servers?

I think you are right. I appreciate your fast reply.
The reason why I have to use two SonarQube servers is that It is because I deploy similar(almost same) source code to several prospective customers. It means that I need to maintain separately the source code for each prospective customers.

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