Two instances in one server

I have two instances on one server, both two instances are using 9.4 version EE while the database is Postgresql 12.13v
So far, in terms of config both and wrapper.conf:
sonar.embeddedDatabase.port= both instances set to default
sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:postgresql= same db but different ports instance set to default
sonar.web.port= set differnt port set different port both instances set to different path location
sonar.path.temp= both instances set to different path location
sonar.path.home= both instances set to different path location while other instances are set to SonarQube-B

Issue: I can log in however when browsing the menu (like clicking projects, going to administration, etc get kicked out or logout. Sometimes when both my colleague sign in simultaneously in different instances both of us can’t log in but If I click login 3-4 times it went well. It’s very odd. I’m not sure what I’m missing in the config.
BUT If I stop the other instance - instance B is working as expected with no issue. If I stop instance B - instance A is working too.
Any thoughts?
By the way, all instances are new installations. setup is not a cluster.

update: I tried changing the sonar.web.port from instance A while instance B is 10.x.x.x - it’s getting worse :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community!

First, why would you install 9.4 for new instances? The current version is 9.7.1, with 9.8 imminent.

This is quite likely about cookies. Just last week, I was setting up a demo that contrasted 9.7 with 9.8 so I had both running on my localhost (different web ports and different search ports), both using separate, embedded DBs & I had this problem too. Logging into 9.8 would log me out of 9.7 and vice versa.

Are you all using the same credentials / user account? You really shouldn’t be doing that & if you are I’m not surprised you’re having problems.


some progress in my work. I decided to create another sonar account for instance B while instance A used the default (sonarqube) account. Seems there is an improvement but still I’m getting kicked out.
I disabled group mapping as I thought it cause the issue but no luck.
Does sonarqube support two instances in one server?


Take a look at your cookies.

Does SonarQube support running two instances from the same domain name? Not explicitly. Generally, we really don’t see any need to do that. If you’re trying to keep people out of each others’ projects, you can do that with permissions, so there’s no need to have 2 instances.


decided to use one instance in one server and all works now.
I used the latest version 9.7 and wrapper.conf is no longer their only > I checked the release note it wasn’t mentioned > Hope this is okay as long as the sonar java is set properly, right?


Hi Joe,

By 9.7 we dropped the wrapper, so no, the .conf file is no longer needed.

I’m glad you’ve got everything working.