Multiple Version of Server on the same system

I am a bit new to SonaQube, have been using it for about 4 months.

I am currently running Developer’s Edition 9.3, however, was previously running Community LTS 8.9. Is it possible to run both these versions on the same system, side-by-side (both running at the same time)?

I have not tried to enable both at the same time, as I don’t want to create problems, and can’t find documentation on this type of configuration.

Thanks for the help!!


If each instance points to a different database, then sure they can run side by side. However, what you cannot do is point both versions at the same database, for two reasons:

  • bad / strange / weird things happen when you point two instances at the same DB
  • the SonarQube DB schema routinely changes with each new version, so a DB that works with 9.3 will not work with 8.9, and vice versa.

Would you mind explaining why you would want to run both versions at once?


Thank you!!