How to upgrade from zip to SonarQube with docker

We have a SonarQube Developer Edition 7.7 installed on a VM. We would like to upgrade SonarQube to last version 8.2 but switching to the Docker version. What is the suggested approach to do it?

Hello, you first need to upgrade to the latest LTS (7.9.X). Then you will be able to migrate to 8.2. This, regardless of docker or not.

So you need to start a SonarQube 7.9.X, but only for the migration. The choice of using docker or not depend on your ability to us use docker easily and your ease with it.

Thanks for your reply. Then just to summerize:

  • upgrade with a “zip” procedure to 7.9.X in order to do the database migration
  • run a docker image with 8.2 that is connecting to the database that was pointed out from VM


Yes, this is correct.

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