Sonarqube upgradation

We are planning to upgrade sonarqube from 7.1 to 8.4 via dockerizing it. Is it necessary to upgrade it to 7.9 LTS and the to 8.3? Also from 7.9 it no longer supports mysql. How can we migrate from mysql to Postgres? Also if we upgrade to latest sonar what should be the version of sonarscanner to integrate jenkins with sonarqube? I’m new to this upgradation plan please suggest me in detail regarding the steps which we need to consider before starting the upgradation process.

Hi @Akhila ,

yes you need to upgrade from your version to the latest lts and then to you desired version (as stated here) . As you noted correctly sonarqube does not support mysql anymore, but there is a foss tool that helps you to migrate from mysql to postgresql. you can find more details in this post here.
As for the scanners you should stick to a newer version as we continuously improve upon them as well :wink:

In general you should create a test environment to test every step before upgrading your productive instance, to make sure that there is nothing unexpected happening in the process. It is also good practice to have a backup of the database that you could restore from before doing the migration/upgrade but apart from these safety measures you just have to follow the upgrade documentation and should be good to go :+1:

hope that helps and happy upgrading

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