How to run build-wrapper-windows


i have downloaded build wrapper for windows. But i am not able to understand “add location of the directory to the path-environment”

Please some one elaborate it and share steps.

i just struck there.

Hi Padma Tiwari,

You have copied the build wrapper for Windows to a specific directory on your build server.
What you have to do is adding this specific directory to the ‘Path’ Environment Variables of the build server.

Via ‘Control Panel\System and Security\System’ click on ‘Advanced system settings’. A dialog ‘System Properties’ is shown. Click on the tab ‘Advanced’ and then on the button ‘Environment Variables…’ to adjust the ‘Path’ setting by adding the specific directory of the build wrapper for Windows.

I hope this can help you further.

Kind Regards,


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Thank you :slight_smile:

My Local PC itself my build agent. I have set the environment variables with some name.

Could you please help me to resolve below error.

Hello @padmavathitiwari,

Can you please run the scanner in Debug mode( passing the --debug flag) and provide the full text output isntead of a screenshot.

Also, Can you upload the generated json file. the directory of the file:


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