BuildWrapper with remote output folder


(Benayahu Mizrachi) #1

Hi, I’m using latest version of BuildWrapper tool.
I want to know, if I can compile my project and send as output folder parameter a global (on the network) folder, then when I want to run my scanner I will send to the remote folder location ?

I tried it, and when I run the scan I got some Java exceptions.

(Wouter Admiraal) #2

Hi @benyahu,

Can you mount the output folder locally? Using nfs or similar? That would solve the issue.

(Massimo Paladin) #3

Hi @benyahu,

build-wrapper and the sonar-scanner analysis should be run on the same machine, is it the case?

(Benayahu Mizrachi) #4

I want to run them on a different machines, can it be ?

(Massimo Paladin) #5

Hi @benyahu,

unfortunately not, build and analysis should be performed on the same machine to be able to access the correct files and headers (system and dependencies).

(Benayahu Mizrachi) #6

Thanks a lot