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I am trying to integrate the SonarQube with code composer studio IDE .Here I followed the below steps:

1.Clean /build done with build wrapper from the command prompt

2.Run the sonar-scanner

After running the Sonar-scanner got the Error in th

and console log also,analysis not happened due to this error ,for ref pls find the attached error-report.png file and attached the required files for the reference. request you to Look into this issue and do the needful asap.



Hello @benarjee,

Can you share the build-wrapper .json and .log files. Also, can you share the full log of the scanner in debug mode(using -X option). Let me know if you prefer to share them privately.

The analysis is failing because we didn’t find any cpp file to analyze. Either your directory from where you are running the scanner doesn’t have any c++ source files or the issue is on build-wrapper side.


Hi ,
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first of all Thanks for the im attaching the .json (42.1 KB) .as you mentioned C source files are not in project root directory. nt able to understand the issue with either buils wrapper or scanner is not running from the project root directory.i have no issue to send the details privately.
log file.txt (12.5 KB)

pls do needful.


@benarjee, Before we invastigate further Can you update your cfamily and build-wrapper version. You are using cl430 and the support for that compiler was added recently. You are on 6.7 and you should be on 6.11 for both. Let me know if the problem persist after the update to investigate further.

Hi abhas,
Thansk fro the reply.i just downloaded the 6.11 for the Build wrapper.but sonar Cfamily version is 6.7 .i was not able to see the Sonar cfamily version 6.11 in the command prompt INFO messages .can you pls tell us how to update Sonar cfamily version from 6.7 to 6.11. and with updated build wrapper also i have got the same error like previous sent request.

Hi ahas,
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Any update to abve my request!


Hello @benarjee,

Sorry I missed your last message.
The versions of bw and cfamily plugin should match. From the scanner logs that you shared I can see:

INFO: Sensor CFamily [cpp]
INFO: SonarCFamily plugin version: 

You can do it from the marketplace on your sonarqube instance.

Hi Abbas,

Thanks for the reply.afetr updating the sonarQube everything working fine.

apart from that ,is there any way to get the report from the sonar server?


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