Build-wrapper relative/absolute path problem


In this ticket build-wrapper problem it was mentioned that “The build-wrapper.json contains the absolute directories of the files that are built by the command passed to the build-wrapper”

  • Problem: we can’t use build-wrapper.json absolute paths, we need to have relative paths to the files we have built.

  • What we want to do: SonarQube scan is being run during GitLab CI build stage, here we generate build-wrapper.json artifact. After build stage we will perform unit tests stage. Finally, we want to receive the build-wrapper.json artifact from build stage and perform SonarQube analysis stage.

  • Why is this a problem: each GitLab CI stage will runs by different GitLab runner, they exist in several different machines. Each of them have different paths in the server, therefore the analysis stage won’t be performed because it can’t find the paths.

  • My question: how could we generate file list, so it could be analyzed by different runner in a different location?


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You just can’t. However, there is another option:


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