How to rename the key of a root portfolio?

I am currently using 9.9 LTS version of SonarQube. Working on an automation for Portfolios, where I am facing issues in renaming the key of an existing portfolio.
I have tried " api/views/move" API call and got a 400 error with the message “msg”:“Unable to move a root portfolio”
Look like this API is to move a sub-portfolio from one to another.
Can someone please recommend on how can I rename a portfolio key?
Appreciate your help!!

It’s not possible to update the key of a portfolio. :confused:

It has been a long time since someone asked. I’ve moved this to the Product Manager for a Day category. Maybe one of our PMs will chime in. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Colin . Much appreciated!

This leaves me no other option than creating a new portfolio with the expected new key, map all related projects, recompute and delete existing portfolio.