Rename Organisation Key

Hello guys,

our organization is using SonarCloud, as we start using it only in one department, we named it based on the department. Ee extended the usage of sonar cloud over the whole company and the key of our organization in SonarCloud is not suitable anymore.
Is there any way that we could rename the organization key?

Thanks for the answers !!!

Hi @SimonC ,

Welcome and thanks for posting to the community.
Unfortunately, there is no functionality in :sonarcloud: to change an organization key.
I will share your post internally so that the corresponding feature request is prioritized.


Hi @AlxO,

I found this thread Update Organisation Key in the community forum.

Maybe @Vince could help on this topic?

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Hi @SimonC ,

I saw the thread you mentioned. I have looked into it, and understand it, however I can’t commit to a resolution in the short term.