How to configure plugins which are bundled with SonarQube 8.9 LTS

I have upgraded my SQ of community edition 7.9 LTS to community edition 8.9 LTS.
And later I found that I dont see the settings / config options for SAML authentication that were there on 7.9.
I am still able to authenticate with SAML SSO, but cant see those options in setting page.
After some digging, found that many plugins are bundled with SQ itself, - Plugin Version Matrix | SonarQube Docs
And only community plugins can be seen at marketplace page -
I searched in my SQ database (PostgerSQL), and found below in plugins table -

sonarqube_db=> select kee, type from plugins where type='EXTERNAL';
          kee          |   type
 authgithub            | EXTERNAL
 scmsvn                | EXTERNAL
 ldap                  | EXTERNAL
 authsaml              | EXTERNAL
 typescript            | EXTERNAL
 chef                  | EXTERNAL
 shellcheck            | EXTERNAL
 scmgit                | EXTERNAL
 checkstyle            | EXTERNAL
 ansible               | EXTERNAL
 cloudformation        | EXTERNAL
 yaml                  | EXTERNAL
 dependencycheck       | EXTERNAL
 findbugs              | EXTERNAL
 groovy                | EXTERNAL
(15 rows)

And also found saml properties in table -

sonarqube_db=> select prop_key from properties where prop_key like '%saml%';
(9 rows)

So seems I am able to authenticate as saml options are there in DB, but how can I update them if required?
Dont see them in UI.
Should I delete these external plugins (saml, ldap etc) from backend and check again ?

Hi there.

You’ll find the settings under the global Administration > Security

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