How to add license with extension for LOC on existing License in SonarQube

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Hi Team,
using -
SonarQube- 8.3.1
We have procured 1M LOC developer Edition earlier. Now requested for another license to extend to 5M LOC.

So totally we should have 6M LOC capability.

When installed 5M LOC, its showing only 5M LOC and not added on exisitng 1M LOC.

Please help how to add 5M LOC license on 1M license which already in place

Hi @moksha,

The licensing model is working like this: you purchase a global threshold.
Meaning that you previously purchased a Developer Edition up to 1M LOC, and then you upgraded to a Developer Edition up to 5M. Your global threshold is now 5M LOC.
If your need is to analyse 6M LOC, you should go to the 10M LOC threshold (and go back to your Sales rep to ask for the correct quote for this new threshold).


Thankyou Carine. I suspected that it should become 1M+5M =6M LOC. Anyway thankyou for clarifying.IS there any range for thresholds like 5M,10M so…?

If you click on the “Lines of Code” here, you’ll find all the thresholds and prices, for the Developer Edition.


Got it, its clear. Thankyou Carine