How Sonarcloud calculates LoC for pricing

I have asked this question via support chatbot but I could not get full answer.

If I delete all existing projects at the last day of every month, and create a new project with 100K LoC at the first day of every month, there will always be a single 100K LoC project in my bitbucket.
In that case how sonarcloud pricing calculation works?
Will I pay 10 euros per month? (100K LoC = 10e / mo)
Or does sonarcloud sums LoCs of all new projects and will pricing increase in time?

Best regards

When you sign up for a subscription of a certain LoC… that’s what you’ll pay every month. Use 0 LoC or 100k LoC, if you’ve signed up for a 500k subscription, you’re being charged for 500k LoC. If you try to go over this amount, your analysis will fail.

The LoC you’ve utilized will always represent the sum of the largest branch of all projects (scanned 1 time or 1000 times)